Closing and Moving

Although the buying and selling part of the transaction is the fun part, at least for the buyer, the closing process is the nerve-wracking part unless you have done it frequently or have true professionals working on your behalf to ensure a smooth closing.

To ensure a calm and problem-free closing you want your agent to write a problem free purchase agreement, one where every issue has been addressed and leaves no room for surprises. In addition, you want the loan officer for the buyer to be on top of the buyer’s mortgage so there is no delay in the closing and you will want the title company to do their work as soon as possible.

Then you need to make sure all the conditions necessary for the closing are fulfilled. If any problems come up during the process you want to make sure someone handles those right away.

That’s where a great deal of my time is spent. It’s my job to ensure a smooth and problem free closing at the time and on the date agreed to in the purchase agreement.

Here is some information that may help you with the closing or with your move.

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